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Who's Your "Ride or Die"?

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Find your way back to what makes and keeps you happy.

People often use the phrase, Ride or Die, about someone they love to the max. Someone they would do anything for and support no matter what they do.

Dying for the wrong Ride.

“Don't die with your music still in you.” -Wayne Dyer

You won't be able to hear your music to let it out if you are distracted by others.

Find Out Who You Are "Ride or Die" For.

So, first you need to realize you are not Ride or Die for yourself. In order to change effectively, first, we must acknowledge what are currently doing. In my life, I was helping so many other people, I had no idea what I needed. I thought other people knew me better than I knew myself. I thought if I just kept moving fast enough, I would somehow slip into self-realization and self-acknowledgement, but by moving so fast and only for others, I was actually delaying connecting with my deep inner self.

In the beginning of the process, even slowing down might make you cry because the simple act of stopping to take care of yourself will touch your deep insides that have craved your attention like a child calling out to a mother or father in another room. This calling out has been going on inside of you for who knows how many years. So, when you stop and listen and stop and feel, you might cry and that is ok. Crying is part of the steps to healing.

The Process of Becoming Ride of Die for Yourself

“The power of self-love will astound you.”

Many people in the world are "Ride or Die" for their career or a lover and innocently believe this is the only way to succeed in these avenues. But, I always look at the fruits of someone's life and the fruits of a persons life are the successful relationships they have formed. I have worked with very successful people and some of them had good relationships with themselves and others did not and you could always see the fruits of their life this way. If you are struggling with work or relationship, it is not necessarily time to focus harder on her job or that person, it is time to focus on YOURSELF.

You Are the Light of Your Life

You are here reading about Feel, Move, Shine or taking my classes, so, you are already growing in leaps and bounds just realizing and accepting that you have not been 100% for yourself. You have been 100% for other people which is a beautiful idea, but a dangerous practice. Now, after all your helping others it is finally your time to heal and come home to yourself for good. See you in class Friday at 8am PST or Saturday at 10am PST. Send me your email for more info.

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