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Hi! I'm Courtney

I'm the Founder of

Feel, Move, Shine

Movement to Unblock Creativity & Expand Your Energy

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Movement brought me back to life many times. I couldn't have foreseen the way it would effect my body and life. I didn't think I had a "dancers body" so I didn't think I could have a significant experience with movement. It was through my daily commitment to exploration, that movement flowed through me and took me on a powerful journey. I found it moved what I couldn't with thought alone.

What do I mean by Movement? Just dancing? The kind of movement I guide you to is more abstract and born from each persons relationship with themselves and the people around them. It really needs to be experienced to be understood. 

I've guided groups as small at 2 and large as 75 and through these movement experiences, I've seen people who didn't get along, find common ground. I've seen people with hardened faces and attitudes become fresh faced and open with child-like energy again. Through seeing this first hand, I became fully convinced that movement and moving together with others could heal so many wounds or at least begin the process. 


Inside each of us is a special rhythm and flow, we just need to tap back into that. 

My approach to Movement Exploration is centered on you starting to feel in touch with your body as a positive experience and not focusing outward or trying to move or look like anyone else. My hope is that you establish a strong feeling of home or belonging inside yourself and freedom in your own organic way of moving. 

My background is in theatre. Going on stage as a child I reached everyone from the front row to the back row with my energy. Over time, I expanded my energy to reach a 300 seat theatre if needed. So my training in both movement and voice were to become as expansive as possible to radiate out all of who I am so even the back row of the theatre could feel me. Experiencing movement with me will help you break out of any ruts or limits you're going through so you can expand your energy as much as you'd like. 

Moving Through Grief.

After several people close to me died including my parents and a dear friend, I was stuck in painful grief. I didn't know how to go forward. Movement helped me process and take steps forward.  


Movement can unlock feelings of oneness and feelings of separation just disappear. Through guided movement with fun music, we will reset our mindset, relax our nerves and return to our organic, open nature with rhythm and flow. When you experience this, I hope you begin to feel empowered that you can tap into this at any time. One of the goals of my workshop is to give you this reminder and help you become the creator of your own joy any time and any place you need it. 

Explore Movement With Me

One On One Sessions

One conversation can change our life. Sometimes we remember a conversation or something someone said to us many years ago.  That shows the power words can have on us. We can remember conversations that inspired us or traumatized us. A one on one with me will be a conversation that inspires you, but I do not believe words are enough. This is why I created a movement program called, Feel, Move, Shine because I am confident we can heal from moving not just sitting in our thoughts even if they are new ones. 

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