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Hi! I'm Courtney

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I'm the Founder of

Feel, Move, Shine

Movement & Yoga 

I have a Masters Degree from USC and I am a Certified Yoga Instructor.  Movement gives people the power to improve their lives and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Inside each of us is a special rhythm and flow, we just need to tap back into that for health and longevity.  My approach to Yoga and Movement Exploration is centered on you starting to feel in touch with your body as a positive experience and not focusing outward or trying to move or look like anyone else. My hope is that you establish a strong feeling of home or belonging inside yourself and freedom in your own organic way of moving. 

Explore Mindfulness With Me


Together, we change. Together we feel the power of the collective human spirit. In these covid times, we can feel this is missing in our lives. My workshops will alleviate this feeling. Through guided mediation with the breath, we will address our mindset of aloneness, separation and fear and return to our organic, open rhythm and flow. When you feel this, you will remember that this is something you can tap into any time. One of the goals of my workshop is to give you this reminder and help you become the creator of your own joy anytime and any place you need it. 

One On One Sessions

One conversation can change our life. Sometimes we remember a conversation or something someone said to us many years ago.  That shows the power words can have on us. We can remember conversations that inspired us or traumatized us. A one on one with me will be a conversation that inspires you, but I do not believe words are enough. This is why I created a movement program called, Feel, Move, Shine because I am confident we can heal from moving not just sitting in our thoughts even if they are new ones. 

Class Types

Organic Flow

Slow Flow

Glow Flow -

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