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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Courtney and I am here to help you access joy and expression. I created Feel, Move, Shine, as a way to access and expand good feelings and creativity. I created this so you can stop feeling that someone else has to give you access to your joy, but rather, you know exactly how to help yourself whenever you want! We will focus on ourselves in unique ways, re-connect to rhythm and increase our overall health, activate your creative juices and help you generate your own joy.

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How it feels

 "I intuitively knew to take the class and that my body was calling for it. I took the class mostly because I had a rapport with Courtney and I already knew I could trust her to not direct me to do anything I didn’t feel comfortable with. She gently and like a good teacher directed the movement and as I watched her was inspired to move my body more through a lot of pain and discomfort and emotional blocks. I was a puddle of tears, but by the time we were cooling down I imagined being the earth grounded and grateful for this presence and life now. This type of class put me excactly in the NOW. I was Guistina moving through my self. I was watching the artist in me move and create. All the crucial things an artist talks about. Being in “The Zone”. It felt great and expansive and scary and exciting all at the same time. I loved it!! I would do it again!"


"Courtney is a very caring and supportive teacher. She helped me let it all go through dance. I felt her energy encouraging all of us to be free and have fun through movement. Great class!"


My flow with Courtney experience infused me with a sense of focus, positivity and connection. I found beautiful, calming moments with myself and incredibly joyful moments of togetherness, all within the sacred warmth of my home. All was possible and all was positive.


Pink Sugar

It's time to experience 
feeling good in your body. 


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